About Us


We are Leigh & Zena – the creative force behind Mighty Aphrodite. We have been husband and wife for nearly 20 years and business partners for over a decade. We fell into erotic photography quite by accident fulfilling the needs of private clients for personal sexy photos to bestow on their lovers. Our Boudoir Photography business has thrived since 2004 with clients travelling to us from all corners of the world. During this time we have honed our photographic skills and also expanded into boudoir videography.


That was when we discovered there is a big audience for our beautifully shot deluxe artistic erotica. The videos we displayed on our boudoir photography site got amazing feedback and people started contacting us asking if we had more they could see. We are so happy that there are other people like us who value high quality sexy erotica. Our work seems to appeal to men, women and couples who are looking for something less crude and vulgar and with more sensuality than the myriad of unimaginative porn sites out there.

Studio Set

Everything you see here is shot and edited by us. We strive for quality over quantity which is why we made the decision to offer our content for download and streaming individually rather than by subscription. This means we are not committed to producing a set amount of new content each month so we can concentrate on maintaining the calibre of our photos and films. Our ethos of providing the highest quality images and video is forefront in our creative process and we never sacrifice quality over quantity always ensuring the sample images and videos on the site are a true representation of what our customers will download


We love the creative process of coming up with a concept, planning shoots, filming and then sharing our work with you. Of course we want to carry on working with the very best and most beautiful models to continue making superior erotica. The models we work with love what they do, but they can’t work for free. Great models are not cheap and whilst we’d love to share our erotica with you for free, it would be impossible. So we hope you’ll support us by downloading/streaming and enjoying our beautiful imagery. We promise, the more downloads we can acheive the more we will invest in shooting new amazing, gorgeous erotica for you to enjoy.

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